White Vaginal Discharge-Causes, Diagnosis And Possible Cures

White vaginal discharge is normal in all women if it occurs without any foul smell. The amount of the discharge is different in all women and the colors may also range from clear to white that looks like milk. This discharge only gets abnormal when it changes in color, smell and becomes too consistent. If there is burning or itching inside the vagina, that is a sign that there is an infection or a more serious condition. It is important for every woman to be on the lookout for anything unusual about the discharge.

Abnormal white vaginal discharge is triggered by many factors. Many women from different parts of the world experience this as a result of using medicines like antibiotics and steroids. Another cause is cervical cancer and the use of birth control pills. This condition can also be caused by using lotions, scented soaps, douches and also bubble bath. Yeast infections also cause this condition in many women.

There are still other causes that are much serious than the ones mentioned above. This condition can also be as a result of serious medical complications in the woman’s body. One very common cause is a bacterial infection known as bacterial vaginosis that occurs in many pregnant women and those who have many sex partners. Another very common cause for white vaginal discharge is gonorrhea which is a sexually transmitted infection. When gonorrhea is the cause of the infection, the discharge smells very bad. Diabetes also causes this condition in many women around the world.

Constant unprotected sex also triggers this condition. Trichomoniasis is a parasitic condition that occurs in the vagina which is caused by the woman having sex that is unprotected. White vaginal discharge is also caused by vaginal atrophy which is drying and thinning out of the vagina walls as a result of menopause. In many instances, the doctor diagnoses this condition by asking questions that are relevant to the symptoms. He/she will need to know when the discharge began, the color of the discharge and the number of sexual partners that the woman has. The doctor will also need to know if there is any pain around the vaginal area.

Doctors treat this condition depending on the cause. For example, if it is caused by bacterial vaginosis, antibiotics and creams are prescribed. On the other hand, if it is caused by infections as a result of yeast, then antifungal creams are inserted into the vagina in either gel or cream form.

White vaginal discharge can be prevented by always keeping the vagina clean by washing with warm water and gentle soap. It is also advisable for all women to keep off from using douche or soaps that are scented. All women should wipe the vagina from the front to the back to prevent harmful bacteria from getting inside and causing an infection. All women are also advised to avoid wearing clothes that are too tight and always wear underpants that are made of 100% cotton to be in a better position to prevent themselves from abnormal white vaginal discharge.